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Yoga Classes 2016-current

A Withington teacher teaches yoga classes to children from the Pictor Academy, a school for children with special educational needs. She also teaches Yoga once a month for the South Manchester Downs Syndrome Association.


1. To increase well-being in all pupils.

2. To help harder-to-reach pupils access physical actvity and relaxation.

3. To teach pupils find ways to improve their own mental health.

4. To improve the staff member's sign language skills and abilities in working with SEN pupils.


A teacher from Withington’s Junior School, plans and teaches the class. She uses her experience of working with children with special educational needs (SEN), as she worked in SEN schools for 18 years.


Around 30, KS2 children attend the classes. For many of the children it is the only Physical Education they do, and practicing yoga helps relaxation and muscle strength. The yoga classes also help the children with communication, as the teacher incorporates signing, singing and collaboration with others into the sessions. 


The one-hour classes have run once a month for the last four years.