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About Schools Together

Tens of thousands of pupils benefit from partnerships between ISC independent schools and state schools every year. These partnership projects include reading with younger pupils, preparing A-level pupils for higher education, sharing facilities and seconding teaching staff. This website provides examples of how state and independent schools work together to unlock new educational experiences for pupils and teachers. Login/sign up to ensure that your school's partnership work is included here.

Independent / state school partnerships help to:

  • build relationships between schools so they can share valuable resources and knowledge.
  • enable staff from different organisations to collaborate, share expertise and engage in Continuing Professional Development opportunities.
  • enable pupils from different backgrounds to learn learn together and build mutual respect for each other.

This website allows schools to:

  • access advice on setting up successful partnerships through events and conferences.
  • find inspiration by reading case studies and searching our partnership map.
  • follow best practice examples from schools running cross-sector initiatives.