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Physics sessions at St James C of E Primary School

in 2021, 6 Year 12 girls have run three 1 hour after school sessions over Microsoft Teams at St James C of E Primary School on light, energy and electricity.  



• Raising aspirations of local children

• Exposing local maintained primary school children to an area that they may not have been involved in before

 • Identifying skills and interests to take back to their schools/peers

• Sharing resources including specialist of equipment and staff knowledge

• To enable sixth form pupils to develop skills in organisation, responsibility, time management, teamwork, communication both with peers, staff and younger students.



St James usually send pupils to our Science SHiNE Together course but as this was not running in 2021 due to the pandemic they approached us asking if we would run some after school Science sessions with their pupils. 


WGS students organised 4 or 5 experiments for each session at St James. Prior to each session there was a pre-event meeting with the staff so they understood what the girls were trying to achieve and what they needed the teachers at St James to do and all the equipment needed was sent over to the school.   


Mrs Bradshaw, Head of Science, who helped the girls coordinate the session said ‘It is not to be underestimated the challenge the girls have faced with this and the organisation it has needed. The pupils at St James have thoroughly enjoyed the sessions and the Year 12 girls have learnt a lot about the need for thorough preparation, risk assessing and the confidence to explain experiments and present over Teams’.