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Sharing academic resources

A number of Heads of Department at Withington enjoy links with other local secondary schools, with whom they have meetings and share resources for mutual benefit.


Background and goals

  • Withington’s Head of Economics organises the sharing of resources with a number of local maintained schools, as well as supporting a newly qualified teacher at Trinity High School.
  • The Head of French is a member of the Association of Language Learners, an organisation which supports language teachers in maintained and independent schools. 
  • The Head of ICT takes part in the Computers at Schools (CAS) online forum, where teachers can share ideas and resources. 
  • The Head of Politics meets with the Head of Department at Xaverian College to discuss the new Politics A level specification.


Withington staff members share teaching resources and their educational expertise. 


  • Around five teachers from maintained schools attend the Economics Consortium, where they are able to discuss issues related to curriculum, performance and assessments.
  • Withington hosts meetings for the Association of Language Learners, and over 30 teachers from both the maintained and independent sector benefit from the meetings. 
  • 100s of teachers benefit from membership to the CAS forum. 
  • There are approximately 100 pupils studying Politics at Xaverian College, all of whom benefit from the sharing of resources and information. Withington pupils studying Politics A Level also benefit from this sharing of resources with Xaverian.


  • Economics Consortium occurs termly.
  • Association of Language Learners meets five times a year.
  • The CAS forum is in constant, daily use.
  • Politics Department meetings occur half-termly.