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School partnership to assist with university applications

This is a partnership between Withington Girls’ School and other local maintained and independent schools to help pupils with university applications. Withington provides mock interviews and advises on applications, as well as helping to organise annual trips to Oxford and Cambridge Universities.


Every year Withington is involved in trips to Oxford and Cambridge Universities, with Sixth Form students from Loreto College, Manchester High School for Girls and The Manchester Grammar School. Withington organises tours of colleges through its alumnae at the universities.  

Withington also offers mock interviews to students from local maintained schools. In the 2018/2019 academic year, two students from Cheadle High School and one student from William Hulme’s Grammar School attended mock interviews at Withington.

In September 2018, the School hosted a lecture delivered by Cambridge Medical School, advising Sixth Form students on the experience of studying medicine at Cambridge, and how to make the most competitive application possible. 15 pupils from Whalley Range High School attended and a further 15 pupils from William Hulme’s Grammar School.

Withington’s Oxbridge Coordinator organises these activities.


These activities provide local maintained school students with invaluable insight into the most competitive universities and advice on how to make the best application to these universities.