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Citizenship Day annual event in July

Withington hosts an annual ‘Citizenship Day’, during which all members of the school participate in activities which benefit the local community. 


Citizenship Day is an annual event when Withington pupils are encouraged to think carefully about their role as citizens in the community, both locally and globally. Pupils spend the day contributing their talents and enthusiasm to various activities which aim to benefit the community. Every Citizenship Day Withington fundraises for The Christie, the largest single-site cancer centre in Europe, which is situated less than a mile down the road from the school.


Withington’s Head of PSHCE oversees and organises the running of events. All members of staff are involved in an activity on Citizenship Day. 


The sponsored walk for The Christie raised over £1,500.

Pupil Involvement

The 2018 Citizenship Day saw Sixth Form artists painting a mural in Old Moat Primary School’s playground, and all pupils in Years 8 to 12 participated in a sponsored 10-mile walk in aid of The Christie.

Every year, local senior citizens are invited to Withington on Citizenship Day for a tea party accompanied by musical performances. During the 2018 Summer Term, many pupils were involved in Withington’s production of The Phantom of the Opera, so a special performance was put on for 200 local senior citizens. The cast included girls of all year groups, and Year 7 volunteers baked cakes for the tea party that followed the performance. 

For the last two years, the Withington Junior School has also participated in Citizenship Day. In 2018, the Junior School welcomed pupils form the Pictor Academy, a school for children with special educational needs, hosting a picnic lunch, and running games and craft sessions for the visiting children. 


‘Citizenship Day’ is an annual, day-long event held at the end of the Summer Term. Withington engages in various community projects throughout the academic year.