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Sixth Form Voluntary Service

The Sixth Form Voluntary Service scheme provides opportunities for all pupils in the Lower Sixth to assist local community groups and projects. 


Sixth Form pupils volunteer at local nurseries, primary schools, homes for the elderly, schools for severely disabled children, hospitals, charity shops, and hospices. Voluntary Service is a required aspect of the Sixth Form Enrichment Programme, which encourages pupils to give their time generously and to foster positive relationships within the local community. 


The Voluntary Service scheme is overseen by Withington’s Head of Careers. 


This scheme allows Withington girls to take their skills and enthusiasm out into the wider community. The volunteering placements in local primary schools are particularly successful, as the partnership between an older and a younger pupil helps develop confidence and communication skills for both parties. 

Pupil Involvement

Sixth Form pupils use their own skills to plan and run activities in local community groups. They volunteer in their free-time during their lunchbreak or during one of their study periods. 

Many pupils organise their own placements independently of school, including one at The Hub Youth Centre where students planned and supervised arts and crafts activities for Year 5 and 6 children. 


Weekly placements, throughout the academic year.