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Sixth Form International Mentorship Programme

Our Sixth Form pupils have joined an international charity providing mentoring and tuition online to in orphanage around the world each week.   


The aim is to help orphanages around the world with non-material assistance.

The main role is to provide mentoring, checking up with mentees on a weekly basis.

The mentees over pro-bono tuition and have high level of knowledge about their subjects. They develop relationships with the children over time which are crucial to success for these vulnerable children.

The orphans who are mentored benefit 


Two of the pupils were volunteering in Lagos and found out about this charity. They decided to try to bring together like-minded pupils to make a positive impact over time with 27 children.


Access to Zoom is critical to success and the school has enabled pupils to use its subscription for this purpose. In addition, microphones and speakers are provided by the pupils.

Two teaching staff are involved on an ongoing basis, to ensure that safeguarding practices are in place.


The academic progress of the children will be monitored by grades received in all the subjects that they have identified as being difficult.

Assessment is likely to be two to three times a year.

Pupil Involvement

Nine pupils from Year 12 are involved. 


Weekly activity ongoing.