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Arty Afternoon

Local primary pupils attend Charterhouse for an 'arty afternoon' including musical performance, African drumming workshop, and storytelling.


To develop our partnership with Busbridge Infants, and share our commitment to the performing arts

To enable Charterhouse pupils to perform for, and work with, their neighbours at a local primary school

To share facilities and values within the creative arts

To ensure that our annual arts festival is open not just to those in our school community, but the wider community as well


Busbridge Infants, a near neighbour to Charterhouse, has a strong culture of creativity which we share. During our annual arts festival, we invited Busbridge pupils for an afternoon of similar activities to those being enjoyed by Charterhouse pupils. This is part of a wider partnership which also involves a Charterhouse governor at Busbridge.


Arts festival 'dome'

Catering and transporation

Four Charterhouse teachers for planning and facilitation

Four Busbridge teachers for planning and supervision

Two external performance specialists for facilitation


Positive feedback received from partner school, and shared desire for future similar events. Performing arts are under considerable threat at many primary schools; we plan to expand this opportunity to more partners in the near future to address this particular curricular and co-curricular need.

Pupil Involvement

Sixty Busbridge pupils

Twelve Charterhouse pupils as performers and hosts


One event in 2017; our aim is to hold several similar events during our 2018 arts festival, for several local schools