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School Governance: Primary Sector

Charterhouse staff (academic and support) serve as governors at a range of local schools. Currently, there are nine staff on the governing bodies of local infant, junior or primary schools, having a positive impact on the early education of around 1200 children.


Good governance is crucial to successful outcomes for pupils.

The educational and leadership expertise and experience of the member of staff is crucial to the success of the role in having positive impact on outcomes for children, including those with special educational needs.



In 2018-19, Charterhouse identified that School governance is a way in which its staff can provide their expertise, time and commitment to benefit the welfare and education of many children. Staff were encouraged to become governors of local schools, many of which have staff children as pupils.


Charterhouse releases staff to enable them to fulfil their duties as governors during term-time, as required.

The role of governor is voluntary and requires around 15 to 30 hours a year.


At Wonersh, the member of staff is Chair of the teaching and learning committee.

At Bramley, the member of staff is the SEND lead and Chair of the Early Years C&L committee.

At Moss Lane, one member of staff is vice-chair and one is governor lead for safeguarding and compliance.

At Godalming Junior, the member of staff is vice-chair of the board.



Meetings tend to happen twice a term and governors attend school outside those times to scrutinise the learning and progress of pupils and to be involved in the activities of the school.