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Broadwater-Charterhouse Educational Partnership

The Broadwater-Charterhouse Educational Partnership is a major and innovative partnership project between two Godalming schools, one maintained and one independent. Between them, the two schools educate over 1,300 young people in Godalming, and have a shared commitment to preparing pupils for lives of personal fulfilment and achievement coupled with a commitment to wider society. 


Articulated in a new Memorandum of Understanding, effective from November 2018, Broadwater and Charterhouse committed to a new era of educational partnership, seeking to

a) improve learner experience and outcomes

b) widen pupil opportunity and aspiration

c) encourage and facilitate professional development

d) share resources and facilities

e) share best practice

f) contribute to the educational and local communities and wider society

g) work together on promoting the recruitment of staff.


Broadwater and Charterhouse have enjoyed informal links over a number of years, but believe they are better equipped to educate young people by working more closely together in a structured yet flexible partnership. 


Partnership Committee consisting of staff from both schools, alongside bilaterals between the heads

No financial commitment implicit in the agreement

A large and growing number of staff and pupils at both schools will participate through various projects and workstreams


As the partnership progresses, the Committee will be tasked with designing evaluative tools

Pupil Involvement

Broadwater: 11-16 (Y7 to Y11), co-educational

Charterhouse: 13-18 (Y9 to Y13), co-educational sixth form, boys Y9-11


A range of projects will be pursued. Initial foci include

a) Raising Aspirations project, involving 15 Broadwater Y11 and 15 Charterhouse Y13 pupils. Regular commitment, with three major interactions since July 2018, including a day's shadowing for Y11 pupils at Charterhouse.

b) Staff Development Seminars, involving multiple teachers from both schools, initially termly

c) Pupil mentoring project

d) Increased networking between staff

e) Exam revision lecture, for all Broadwater Y11