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Joint CPD for staff

Staff from the 'triangle partnership' - Kensington Aldridge Academy, Godolphin & Latymer, and Charterhouse - join together for joint professional development sessions.


To share best practice between academic and management staff, across the three schools of the 'triangle partnership'

To visit and understand each others' sites and values



The value of joint CPD became apparent during early meetings of the 'triangle partnership'. Two events have so far been held, as well as a range of informal dialogues between staff, covering themes including leadership & management, higher education, technology, sixth-form studies, and developing social responsibility and entrepreneurship in pupils.


For the host school, teaching and dining facilities are required.

Sessions to date have involved c. 6 staff from each school.


Positive feedback on the days and subsequently; we would aim to adopt a more quantitative measurement for future events.

Pupil Involvement

Staff only


Annual, though with frequent less structured contact between schools for professional and institutional development purposes.