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Pupil-led Law Society Webinars

A series of talks provided by high profile speakers for secondary aged pupils at Charterhouse and partner Schools.


The aims are to enable as many young people to be inspired by successful lawyers and politicians and to enable them to ask questions of people in positions of influence. 


The Year 11 pupil contacted the Deputy Head (Pupils and Community) to ask to be able to invite pupils from other schools.

The activity began in October 2020.


The School's internet and Zoom licence.

One teacher is a mentor for the pupil lead each week.

The commitment of the pupil in securing excellent speakers is crucial.

All speakers have given their time without charging and it has been facilitated by not having to travel.


Feedback from partner schools has been very positive. One pupil said that having attended a talk, they had confirmed their ambition to pursue a career in Law.

Pupil Involvement

Pupils from 30 local maintained schools are invited, aged 11-18.

Pupils from Charterhouse also attend, aged 13-18


There have been around 20 talks this academic year and these are likely to continue next year.