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Music Assemblies

Charterhouse pupils give 'music assemblies' at local primary schools, including performance and Q&A sessions. At present, this involves five primaries and has included around a dozen Charterhouse pupils. A similar scheme involves Charterhouse musicians performing in other community settings, such as care and nursing homes.


Music is under threat in many primary schools. The aim of this project is to contribute to a flourishing music programme in our area, whilst also enabling Charterhouse pupils to perform and answer questions about music in a variety of external contexts, not only schools but also care and nursing homes.


Music Department Administrator for planning

One/two teachers per trip for supervision/transport


Positive feedback has been received from primary schools involved, with requests for return visits

Pupil Involvement

Charterhouse pupils of any age (13-18); one to four per trip


Each event lasts around 45 minutes. The programme is ongoing and we are pleased to add new primary schools in the current year.