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Arty Mornings at Charterhouse

Arty Mornings at Charterhouse are a significant feature of our music and drama outreach with local primary schools. In 2019, we worked with five primary schools partners - Godalming Junior, St Mark's and All Saints, Cherrywood Primary, Busbridge Infants, and Moss Lane Infants - with 250 children taking part. The Arty Mornings introduce primary school pupils to a range of musical and dramatic opportunities, including African drumming, story-telling, and musical performance by older Charterhouse pupils.


To contribute positvely to the arts curriculum at local primary schools

To introduce young children to live performance, and offer Charterhouse students a new performance opportunity

To enthuse young people about music and drama outside the classroom

To build networks between local schools


Charterhouse has strong relationships with a number of local primary schools, and our partners identified the arts as a key area for collaboration. Utilising the brand and space offered by our annual arts festival, Artifex, we established the Arty Mornings as a way of welcoming younger pupils to the Charterhouse campus, and enjoying a fun and educational morning of music and drama together.


Space at Charterhouse

Transport and catering costs (covered by Charterhouse)

Charterhouse personnel: c. 4 teachers, 10-15 students, two external providers

Partner schools: c. 2 staff, 3 parents and 15-60 pupils per school


Feedback forms from partner schools identified the project as highly valuable to their arts curriculum, for pupils' personal and cultural development, and in terms of building partnership itself.

Pupil Involvement

Charterhouse: 13-18 co-ed

Partners: 4-11, co-ed


Annual, but seeking to expand