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School Governance: Secondary Sector

Charterhouse staff (academic and support) serve as governors at a range of local schools. Currently, there are ten staff on the governing bodies of local maintained or academy schools,  or at regional level. In addition, one is governor at a special school and two at prep schools.


To increase and develop links with local schools, and to provide a sustainable, focussed link between the two schools in the form of a dedicated staff member

To improve our own governance and leadership by understanding practice and policies of our neighbour schools

To develop our role as an integral part of the local educational landscape, working alongside, learning from and sharing with other schools in the town and environs


Charterhouse staff have historically served as governors locally, perhaps at schools attended by their own children. We are developing this into a more structured opportunity for staff, working in partnership with local schools and the SGOSS to identify suitable vacancies and match those with staff expressing an interest in this voluntary opportunity.


The time dedicated to governance roles will depend on the school, individual, and particular focus on the governing body. Currently, we have one teacher serving as a vice-chair and another as a committee chair. We also have teachers who are their GB's representative to the local schools co-operative, which further builds Charterhouse's links with and involvement in the wider educational landscape.


Having staff serve as governors has significantly increased Charterhouse's engagement with local schools, particularly in the state primary sector. Having a focussed individual link has led to increased activity in other ways i.e. academic or cultural support, sharing facilities, CPD, which we except to increase continually with time.

Pupil Involvement

Pupil involvement in governance is clearly limited, although governors will interact regularly with the pupils (and staff, and parents) at the partner school. However, the links developed through the governance project have led to greater pupil engagement through other activities, which would arguably have taken longer to arrange without the sustained link provided by governors.


Regular meetings, dependent on the nature of each school, governor and role