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MCC Foundation Hub at Charterhouse

Winter 2017 saw the established MCC Foundation Hub initiative come to Charterhouse. Director of Cricket, Martin Bicknell, coaches thirty-six talented young cricketers from the Waverley area with 1st XI coach, Rob Woods and Sports Development Coach, Sam Plater. The 13-week course will cover all aspects of the game and is aimed at boys and girls aged 11-15 from state schools. 

The MCCF Foundation Hubs identify children who have the ability to become good cricketers and provides them with mentoring and high-quality coaching. The MCCF Hub program now supports 54 MCCF Hub programs nationally and, in 2017, engaged with over 1,800 participants, many of whom progressed to district and county sides, as well as becoming valued and enthusiastic members of their local cricket clubs. 

The MCCF Waverley Hub has been running for the last 5 years and achieved a great deal of success in engaging with many local schools and clubs. The MCCF Hub provides a sustainable and a fundamental platform to support the development of local cricketers before going back into the club environment for the summer season. The MCCF Hub is a stepping-stone for players moving into the County Board Pathways and Borough programs with Surrey Cricket. 


To enthuse young people from the local area about cricket

To offer opportunities to play cricket to those who may not be otherwise able

To share Charterhouse's sporting resources (facilities and personnel) with the wider Surrey community


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