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Seminar with the Booth Business School

Pupils from Charterhouse and Kensington Aldridge joined forces for a two-day economics seminar in London, with the Booth Business School.


For Charterhouse and KAA students to work together at a high-level academic seminar

To strengthen the partnership between our schools, particularly enabling our pupils to learn from each other within a challenging academic context


KAA and Charterhouse have a well-established partnership, which has included pupil and teacher interaction at various events and through a variety of routes. Charterhouse was invited to bring students to an academic seminar in London, organised by the Booth Business School, and was eager to work with KAA to ensure a stimulating educational opportunity for sixth-formers of both schools.


One teacher from each school for supervision.

Pupil Involvement

Fifteen sixth-form students in total (boys and girls).


Single event, but as part of a wider partnership