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North Kensington Summer Camp

In the aftermath of the tragic fire at Grenfell Tower, Charterhouse hosted young people from the North Kensington area for a series of four residential camps. Participants took place in a range of activities delivered by Future Foundations, using Charterhouse's boarding houses, dining rooms, sports facilities, playing fields, and classrooms. Counselling was available within the wider context of citizenship studies and personal development.


To support young people from North Kensington in the aftermath of a major tragedy

To share facilities with young people in need of space to reflect, learn, and support each other


Charterhouse has a well-established partnership with Kensington Aldridge Academy, which sits in the shadow of Grenfell Tower. Following the tragic fire at the Tower in June 2017, we worked with the Aldridge Foundation and Futures Foundation to develop an appropriate summer programme for young people affected by this tragedy - both those at KAA, and young people from the wider area.


Charterhouse classrooms, sports facilities, pitches, boarding houses, catering

Several Charterhouse staff involved in design and facilitation of the courses, primarily from domestic and support departments, but also teaching staff

Costs of accommodation, food &c paid by Charterhouse and private donations; Futures Foundation funded by DfE grant

Four courses over three weeks, utilising four boarding houses


Feedback from Future Foundations:

Charterhouse has been simply incredible and have helped make the summer a very special experience for the participating students and for their parents.   We are so impressed and thankful for your flexibility and accommodating every request including arranging mini-buses when it rained…  I have never worked with a school who has been so supportive and willing to support a programme in this way for all the right reasons.

A feedback meeting was held at Charterhouse, attended by representatives of the school, of KAA, of the Aldridge Foundation, and of Future Foundations. It was also attended by two of the young leaders from the summer course, who testified to the personal developmental value of the experience for participants.


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