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Science Teacher Training Residential

Teachers from state and independent schools in Surrey and elsewhere stay at Charterhouse for a week's residential training course. Delivered by Charterhouse teachers and colleagues from other schools, the course focusses on a range of professional and pedagogical skills, based in Charterhouse's science labs and staying four nights in a boarding house on-site.


To support and develop outstanding pedagogy in science

To share the expertise and resources of Charterhouse's Science Department with other schools, and learn from other teachers



Part of a range of initiatives run by the Charterhouse Science Department


In 2020, the training was carried out online by teachers and technicians

Catering, domestic and maintenance staff

Science labs, boarding houses, kitchens, social spaces


Recent feedback includes:

"The course is the absolutely the best I've ever been on."

The tutor is "simply brilliant".

"Best teachers I've ever had."

"Could not recommend this any more highly - a fantastic course for training and fully qualified teachers."

"Excellent - second to none"


Annual - two week-long courses