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Science for gifted and talented Sixth Formers

Our Physics teacher partnership lead provides addition tuition to gifted students of Physics at our partner school in London


The partnership activity aims to enhance the knowledge and enjoyment of Physics for Sixth Form pupils.

The specialist Physics knowledge and A Level experience of our Physics teacher is crucial, and the commitment of the pupils with the support of their school teachers in facilitating the tuition.


Charterhouse and Kensington Aldridge Academy began their relationship because the founder of Aldridge Academy was a former pupil of Charterhouse and introduced us.

The relationship began several years' ago and has involved various activities. The gifted Physicists activity began in winter 2020.


Computing equipment, Zoom licence and internet at both schools. Science equipment at Charterhouse. 

One teacher at each school is involved and a member of support staff at Charterhouse.

Lessons happen weekly for around one hour.

Charterhouse pays the support staff time and includes the teaching time as part of the core duties of the teacher.

In May half-term 2021, the pupils will come to Charterhouse for two days to study in the labs here. Charterhouse will fund the School's staff time and travel costs for the pupils and any visiting staff.


Pupils will be asked to respond to a survey at the end of the year and KAA staff will be asked to assess impact on learning.

Pupil Involvement

Four pupils, aged 16 and 17.