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Camp Hippo Trampoline Club

Camp Hippo is a trampoline club which aims to provide a healthy, interesting, physical and organised club for children aged 5-18 years, to enjoy and have fun whilst enhancing their development.




The club provides a relaxed atmosphere, allowing members to flourish and develop at their own speed, and work towards British Gymnastics Trampoline Awards and competition events.

The club is held in the Pocklington School Sports Hall during term time and uses Pocklington School trampoline equipment, which are hired free of charge.

Pupils from Pocklington School and the surrounding state schools attend this club.  Senior pupils from Pocklington School and trainee coaches from state schools also benefit from undergoing coaching training at the club.




The Club has been running for more than ten years.


The Trampoline Club uses the Pocklington School Sports Hall facilities and equipment.  The club itself invests in equipment to facilitate its efficient running, which in turn is then made available to pupils of Pocklington School.

The Club is run by its two owners, in addition to three trainee coaches from state schools and senior pupils from Pocklington School, who are also undergoing coaching training.




The Club is increasing in numbers with more classes scheduled to open.

Pupil Involvement

Members vary in age from 5-18 years and attend from Pocklington School and the wider community.


The Club is ongoing and will continue indefinitely.