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Outreach programme delivers CCF training at local primary school

Officers and cadets from Pocklington School Combined Cadet Force delivered a cadet training afternoon for pupils at a local primary school.


During the afternoon session, Year 4 primary school pupils experienced some of the aspects of CCF training and learnt about teamwork.


Pocklington School CCF officers and cadets  were invited to the primary school to put the Year 4 class through their paces! The children were drilled, and then split into groups to build bashers (shelters from a single poncho) suitable for overnight shelter. They practiced herringbone formation and commando
skills, crawling around the field in groups and using their powers of observation to find other


One CCF officer and several senior cadets delivered the session to Year 4 primary school pupils.


After the experience the primary school reported in their weekly parent newsletter: "The children had a great time and learnt a lot about the importance of teamwork. We would like to thank Pocklington School for arranging such a great experience."


This session was delivered as part of the Pocklington School outreach programme and is likely to be a recurring event at this and other primary schools.