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Developing school links in science

Pocklington School were one of a number of secondary school education providers invited to set up a science workshop at a Science Fair held at Warter School.


The aim of the Science Fair was to  develop links between Warter Primary School and local secondary schools.  It was also an opportunity for Year 6 pupils to take part in some primary-secondary transition work  with science specialists to demonstrate some of the exciting topics on the curriculum in KS3 science and by doing so, add to the children's 'science capital'


Teachers from the Chemistry Department at Pocklington School attended the Science Fair and ran a workshop called 'The science involving Baking Soda - Fizzes, pops and Bangs!'

Five Pocklington School pupils ranging from Year 11 to Upper Sixth helped to run the workshop.


A quote from a thank you email from Warter School:"We really appreciate your support and we had some great feedback from our families. Please pass on our thanks to your ambassadors; the activities you prepared were fabulous and really added to our children's excitement and wonder. We look forward to the next one!"

Pupil Involvement

All ages of pupils  from Warter Primary School attended with their parents/guardians.


It is anticipated that this event will be repeated.