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Assistance with teaching of Spanish to Infant School pupils

Market Weigton Infant School hold a language themed week, focusing on a different country and aspect of its culture each year, which this year was Spain. They needed help with the delivery of the language component of the curriculum to primary aged children.


The aim of the partnership was to develop the children's awareness and encourage enjoyment of learining another language, as well as practise some basic Spanish phrases.


Following contact with Market Weighton Infant School as part of a community engagement information collection exercise, it was identified that the teaching staff required some help and expertise with delivery of the language component of their Spanish Week.


A teacher of Spanish from Pocklington School, attended Market Weighton Infant School for one afternoon, to deliver three teaching sessions using her own resources, each of 45 minutes to three groups of around 25-30 Year 2 children.


The children learned how to say basic phrases in Spanish and practised pronunciation - this also benefited the Infant School teachers who were present as none of them were Spanish specialists.

Pupil Involvement

Approximately 80 Year 2 children benefited from the sessions, as well as the teaching staff in each class.


This is a new partnership, but the offer is open to repeat in the future and also offer a teacher training session, related to the delivery of language curriculum at primary education level.