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Pocklington School Poetry Masterclass

Year 5 pupils from local state primary schools were invited to attend a Poetry Masterclass, led by a Pocklington School English Teacher and held at Pocklington School. The day provided an insight into how to create beautifully crafted poetry, use a range of higher thinking skills and gave opportunity for pupils to work with peers from across the region.

Schools which attended the day were:

Wilberfoss C of E VC Primary School

Pocklington Juniors School

Elloughton Primary School


During the day, the pupils created different styles of poetry, focussing on three different subject areas.  At the end of the day, the pupils' work was revealed in a Poetry Masterclass Showcase to which the participants, their parents/ guardians, plus teaching staff from the individual schools were invited to attend.  Following the Masterclass, each participating pupil and school received a booklet of poetry created on the day, to provide a special memento of the day.


Prior to the event, the day was organised and administrated by one member of support staff.

The event required two members of teaching staff and two members of support staff from Pocklington School to run the event. The pupils from participating schools were accompanied by one member of staff.

The event commenced at 9.30am and finished at 4pm, during which the pupils used a range of facilities available at the school, including classrooms, the Dining Hall and the external grounds.

There is no financial contribution to attend this event.

Pupil Involvement

A total of 10 Year 5 pupils from  three state primary schools in the local area attended the Masterclass.


This was the first time the event had been held, but it is planned to be an annual event.