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Schools Outreach Netball Coaching Session

Children from ten local primary schools were invited to attend a Netball Coaching Session at Pocklington School.

Thirteen children attended, from four different schools and enjoyed a morning of coaching drills, exercises and gameplay.


The aim of the morning was to provide an exciting session for the children to develop their netball game.


In a previous consultation exercise, several local schools expressed interest in the provision of a Netball Coaching Session at Pocklington School.


The session was held from 9.30am - 11.00am at the Pocklington School netball courts.  It was hosted by the School's Head of Netball, led by three Pocklington School Sixth Form 1st team netball players and supervised by two members of teaching staff and one non-teaching staff member.  The session was offered free of charge to the invited schools.


The session guided the children through a series of sporting drills, which focussed on key elements of gameplay including ball skills, footwork, attack, defence and rules of the game.  After several team exercises, the youngsters enjoyed some match play, where they put their newly refined skills into practice. At the end of the session, the Sixth Form leaders awarded certificates of merit to the children.

The Sixth Form students enjoyed the opportunity to plan and lead the session for the children and in doing so, there is the hope that this would provide the children with accessible sporting role models.

Pupil Involvement

Thirteen children from local primary schools attended the session, aged between eight and eleven-years-old.


This is the first time the event has been held at Pocklignton School and it is envisaged that it will run again in the future.