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Primary Team Maths Challenge

In March and November 2019, local Primary Schools were invited to take part in the Primary Team Maths Challenge where young maths enthusiasts enjoyed a day of problem-solving.The day was hosted, organised and run by Pocklington School. The schools taking part were:

Warter CofE Primary School, Bugthorpe CofE Primary School, St Martin's CofE Primary School, St Mary & St Joseph RC Primary School, Melbourne Primary School, Elvington CofE Primary School, Sutton upon Derwent CofE Primary School, Kirk Ella St Andrew's School, Dunnington CofE Primary School and Pocklington Community Junior School.



The Primary Maths Team Challenge is supported by the United Kingdom Mathematics Trust (UKMT), who provide maths resources for teachers to run maths events for pupils in their local community with the aim of advancing the education of young people in mathematics.

This enjoyable, interactive day tasked pupils to take part in a range of mathematical activities designed to help develop their teamwork and communication skills as well as stimulate their interest in maths.


During the maths challenge, teams engaged in six different rounds of UKMT activities which focused on numeracy, logic puzzles, maths games and problem solving skills.

All pupils received a UKMT certificate and the day's winning team were presented with the book 'Ball of Confusion: Puzzles, Problems and Perplexing Posers', by TV presenter and maths star Johnny Ball.

Pupils from local Primary Schools (48 pupils in March and 44 in November) are accompanied by a member of teaching staff from their respective school and spend the day at Pocklington School. 

A teacher from the Maths Department at Pocklington School organises and runs the event on the day with help from two support staff, plus:

Support from the Headmaster, catering team, Communications Officer, Maths Department, Transport Manager, Domestic Services Manager and four Pocklington School A level maths students.

Some of the teams used Pocklington School transport and snacks/juice and lunch were provided at no cost.


It provides a fabulous resource for extending able children and developing problem solving skills with pupils in Y5 and Y6.

The Headteacher from Water C of E Primary School said: "The children had an exciting day and enjoyed the opportunity to work together as a team to apply their mathematical skills.  Thank you to Pocklington School for inviting us to take part."

Pupil Involvement

Four A level maths students supported the event, giving support and encouragement to the teams.

Each team had four members, so 48 pupils in years 5 and 6 attended from 12 partner schools in March and 44 pupils from 10 partner schools in November.


The event was due to be held again in the autumn term of 2020 abut had to be postponed due to the pandemic.  The event was eventually held again on Thursday 4 November 2021 when nine local state primary schools attended.