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Residential Activity Group at Pocklington School

Year 6 pupils from Huntington Primary Academy attend a residential activity camp at Pocklington School.



The aim of this project is to offer the use of Pocklington School facilities, free of charge, to Primary School children, enabling them to enjoy an affordable activity camp.  Facilities include a theatre, swimming pool, indoor and outdoor sports facilities and boarding accomodation.

70 children in Year 6 at Huntington Primary Academy benefit from this project.


The project was initiated by a school governor from Huntington Primary Academy, who is also a teacher at Pocklington School.

The project has been running for two years.


The project requires school facilities to be available for use during the residential camp.  This includes all sporting, theatre and music facilities, as well as boarding house and catering facilities.

Pocklington School support staff are required to assist in the delivery of this service.  This includes admin, domestic, catering and technical staff.  One teacher is also present during the camp.

There is no fee for hiring the facilities, but participants pay a catering fee.

Pupil Involvement

Currently, 70 Year 6 pupils from Huntington Primary Academy attend this residential camp.


This project is an ongoing, annual event, which will continue indefinitely.