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Problem-based Learning Taster Day

Sixth Form students intending to apply for medicine from Pocklington School and Fulford School, attend a Problem-based Learning (PBL) Taster Day at Hull York Medical School

This scheme is run by the Head of Biology at Pocklington School along with the help of Medical School Staff and Medical Students from Hull York Medical School.

This scheme also operates as part of the Hull York Medical School Problem Based Learning facilitator training where PBL facilitators train other healthcare professionals to become PBL facilitators.


The aim of the taster day is to prepare students for Medical School interview, give them a taste of what Medical School is like and also helps students decide what mode of course delivery they prefer and therefore which courses to apply for ie structured delivery, PBL learing or a combination of the two.

It is the intention that by providing adequate support and information for students seeking a career in medicine, the number of students attaining a positive outcome at the application and interview stages will be greater.


Pocklington School provided transport for the trip to Hull York Medical School, where personnel and resources at the Medical School, were used to run the taster day.


This is an annual event.