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Local Education Authority EYFS Update Meeting

This is a termly meeting, organised by the Local Education Authority. On this occasion, Pocklington Prep School were the hosts to staff from more than 10 other participating cluster schools.


The aim of the meeting is to gather EYFS providers in one venue, in order to support local schools in their early years provision and lead school improvement.

The benefits are that colleagues are able to explore shared working, best practice, support each other and it facilitates dissemination of information.

Ultimately, the pupils of the respective schools will benefit from this practice.


The meetings are held termly and cluster schools take it in turns to be the host.


Pocklington Prep School provided the venue, facilities and refreshments.

There is no financial contribution from participating schools or the Local Authority.


Pocklington Prep School will host the meeting again in the future, as the venue moves around the participating cluster schools.