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Primary Schools outreach CSI Science Day

Pocklington School welcomed 15 pupils from five local primary schools to the inaugural Primary School CSI Science Day.

The pupils were presented with an unsolved crime and used evidence from various scientific tests to identify the suspect.

All competitors received a certificate and there was a prize for the winning team.



The day introduced primary school pupils to simple scientific concepts and practical laboratory skills and explored how these could be used to problem solve in a the real world.

Throughout the day, the pupils rotated around three science departments to complete their laboratory work.  The scientific methods used included:

Microscope work and food tests

Flame tests and chromatography

Electrical circuits to measure voltage, current and resistance


The day was organised as part of a programme of outreach and partnership work with local primary and secondary schools.


The event was held at Pocklington School from 9.30-3.30pm.

The day was led and planned by a teacher of Chemistry, who also produced evidence packs for each team. On arrival, children were welcomed with breakfast pastries and received their briefing before donning hazmat suits provided for them.

The lead teacher was supported by three members of the science technician team as well as three Sixth Form Science prefects.  The Development Officer also provided admin support, including sourcing of resources for the day and the goody bag which was presented to each child at the end of the day.

Lunch was provided by Pocklington School.



The pupils all seemed to have a very good day, with one reported to have declared it was his 'best day ever'.

After the event, one primary school emailed a note of thanks which said:

Our team absolutely loved their CSI Day at Pocklington School.  From the moment they arrived and received their crime scene suits and information pack, there was a buzz of excitement and anticipation about the day ahead.  It did not disappoint. What followed was a well organised day of biology, chemistry and physics activities.  From blood splatter tests to stomach content analysis, it was an exciting exploration from start to finish.  The day was enhanced with an excellent lunch and a warm welcome from all the staff we met.  It was an unforgettable day for the children."

Pupil Involvement

Teams were made up of three Year 5 competitors from five primary schools.


This was the first CSI Day to be held at Pocklington School as part of an existing outreach programme.  The day was a great success with plans to repeat it.