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Sharing electronic resources with state secondary schools during lockdown

Pocklington School developed and shared an electronic 'transition resources hub' and a series of 'curious questions' with local state secondary schools during lockdown.


The closure of schools in March due to the coronavirus pandemic, brought a great deal of uncertainty for pupils across the country, not least for Year 11 and Year 13 students who potentially missed out on opportunities to develop the skills required for success in Sixth Form studies and beyond. 

Prepared by Pocklington School’s team of specialist teachers, the transition resources hub was designed to help Year 11 students bridge the gap between their current studies and those they began in September, and help Year 13 students develop skills and qualities in readiness for their move into university, apprenticeships or employment. 

The 'curious questions' were designed to be thought provoking and initiate critical thinking, conversation and discussion amongst young people and their families during the lockdown and into the school summer holidays. With classrooms closed during the summer term, discussion and debate online was not easily achievable.


The wide-ranging selection of resources included specific information relating to different academic subjects, advice on study skills, careers information and ‘how to’ guides, tips on life skills such as managing finances and a focus on developing leadership skills.  From podcasts, video links, documentaries, and suggested reading lists to interactive games, Power Point presentations and quizzes.

The curious questions were suggested by teaching staff at Pocklington School and covered a variety of topics, for example:

Why aren't there more women in science?

What came first, DNA, RNA or protein?

Why do we re-read familiar books?


The transition resources hub and curious questions were developed and created in-house at Pocklington School and were made freely available to partnership state secondary schools.


It was envisaged that engagement in these materials would foster confidence in students as they prepared to take their next steps and provide a firm foundation for success at a time of uncertainty.

Due to schools being closed for the summer term, the opportunity for classroom discussion was limited.  The questions provided a platform for pupils to think about either individually, or with their family and friends.


Pupil Involvement

The transition resources hub was shared with state secondary schools for the benefit of Year 11 and Year 13 pupils, but the curious questions were designed for pupils in Year 7-13.