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Sixth Form Symposiums

Pocklington School runs a series of symposiums for Sixth Form pupils, which local state secondary Year 12 and 13 pupils are invited to.


The aim of the symposiums is to provide a stimulating academic environment, which broadens pupils' breadth of knowledge in both subjects that are both familiar and new to them. It gives the audience a chance to listen to experts in a particular field, explore new ideas, listen to others whilst voicing their own opinion and critiquing the views of others. It offers a great learning and development opportunity for all pupils that attend.



Sixth Form symposiums have been run for a number of years at Pocklington School and now state secondary schools are invited to them too.

The sessions, which last about an hour, cover a variety of different topics such as academic study, specific careers or areas of individual interest and my be presented by specialist teaching staff from the school, or other members of the school community, such as parents or alumni who have knowledge in a particular field.

A recent symposium held at the school was 'Characteristics of Psychopaths', led by the Head of Psychology at Pocklington School. 


Admission to the symposium is free of charge and the time of the speakers is freely given.


The symposiums increase the breadth of knowledge of pupils and perhaps offer a different view point in a subject they are already studying, although they are encouraged to attend symposiums not directly related to their field of study to broaden their knowledge in a wider range of subjects and prompt discussion and thought.  This can be useful supporting information on post-18 applications and be a point of interest for interviews.

Pupil Involvement

The pupils invited to attend from state independent schools are in Year 12 and 13.  At the 'Characteristics of Psychopath' symposium, 7 pupils from Woldgate School and Sixth Form College and 5 pupils from Queen Mary's attended.


The symposiums are ongoing throughout the school year.