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Provision of Examination Centre for External Exams

Pocklington School Exams Office provided an examination venue for Woldgate School students looking to sit Oxbridge and Further Education Aptitude tests.


Four pupils from Woldgate College needed an exam centre to sit various higher education application tests.  These tests were being run at Pocklington School, so the pupils were given the opportunity to sit them with the Pocklington School Exams Office.


The Pocklington School exams officer organised for the external candidates to sit the tests at Pocklington School which required administration and communictation prior to the test date.  On the test day itself, the exams officer was involved with the testing for 5 hours.  No financial contribution was required.



The provision of the exam centre enabled the pupils to sit their tests in a nearby location and will facilitate their application to a higher education establishment.


This was a one-off event.