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Working together with Honley High School CCF Contingent

Pocklington School CCF Officers assisted Honley High School personnel to set up a newly established CCF contingent.  The Honely High School staff had limited experience and expertise in the successful running of a CCF contigent.


The aim of the help offered by Pocklington School CCF Officers was to allow the Honley High School staff to gain an insight into how a successful CCF contingent can function and to provide specific training for staff as required eg skill at arms.


The partnership came about following a basic training weekend, where Pocklington School Officers met staff from Honley High, who identified a need which Pocklington School staff could assist with.


The assistance offered has required the use of staff time (5-6 hours) from four members of Pocklington School staff. The training took place on site at Pocklington School and used Pocklington School facilities and resources, for example the use of weapons for training on site under supervision of Pocklington School CCF Officers.


Honley High School staff gained confidence in their personal skills and experience in running a CCF contingent.  They have received guidance on training methods and in the use of the online military system 'Westminster'.

Pupil Involvement

The training Honley High Staff received will benefit the cadets and staff within the Honley High School CCF organisation.


A long term connection has been established between Pocklington School and Honley High School. Staff at Pocklington School can be contacted for assistance when required.