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Pocklington School Pre-Prep perform Nativity to local nurseries and Pre-Schools

Pocklington School Pre-Prep invited five local nursery and Pre-School providers to a performance of the Pre-School Nativity.  The providers were:

Wolds Pre-School, Pocklington

St John's Pre-School, Pocklington

Little Green Rascals, Elvington

Old Macdonalds, Driffield

Tinies York Day Nursery



This project provided an educational opportunity for nursery and Pre-School children to experience school life and also helped prepare the children for performances in their own nativity performances.


Pre-Prep pupils performed their nativity to the visiting children who were accompanied by parents and staff.  Pocklington School provided transport for the event and the event was free to attend. Each child was presented with a goody bag at the end of the performance.





Pupil Involvement

Around 60 children attend the performance, accompanied by 15 staff and some parents. Aproximately 80 Pocklington Pre-Prep pupils were involved in the performance itself.


This is an ongoing annual event.