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New Islington Free School

In 2011, The Manchester Grammar School and Manchester City Council entered into an exciting partnership to build the flagship New Islington Free School as part of The Manchester Grammar School's Community Action programme. In September 2016, the free primary school finally opened its doors to pupils and provides first-class facilities to children from Manchester.


The aim of the partnership is to provide educational expertise within the governing body, provide opportunities for pupils and give guidance to teachers and teaching assistants on good practice.


The New Islington Free School was set up by a number of groups, including The Manchester Grammar School and Manchester City Council, in 2011. MGSĀ had involvementĀ from the original conception.

The Head of the MGS Junior School is also on the Teaching and Learning and PPRG committees, often visiting the New Islington school to observe and monitor particular initiatives and their progress.

Children are regularly invited to particular lessons and events, which can also be observed by teachers and teaching assistants.

The MGS Junior School Games teacher visits New Islington regularly to train the teachers and teaching assistants to lead sporting co-curricular activities.


This takes place at both the The Manchester Grammar School and the New Islington Free School. Wherever possible, MGS will provide minibus transportation for pupils.

Pupil Involvement

Small groups of Key Stage 2 pupils are invited to lessons and events.


To suit the particular activity.