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Mock Interviews for Prospective University Students

This is a partnership between The Manchester Grammar School, state and independent schools and colleges to support pupils as they prepare for their university interviews.


The aim of the partnership is for pupils at The Manchester Grammar School, state and independent school pupils and college pupils to be supported in preparation for their university interviews.


Some of the links between MGS and other schools are very old, and some are more recent. Essentially, MGS work with any school or college who want to send us prospective candidates.


Interviews take place on site at The Manchester Grammar School. Staff from all academic departments facilitate. Equipment varies from physical spaces to samples and stimulus materials.

Pupil Involvement

Typically, between 30 and 40 students participate each year. Generally, we accept pupils from Year 12 although we are happy to provide the service for other year groups on demand.


Generally, one interview per student, usually lasting 40-50 minutes. They tend to take place from October until December, but some medical mock interviews happen later in the year.