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Music Outreach Day for Primary Schools

Primary School pupils from schools in Greater Manchester come to The Manchester Grammar School for a day to enjoy access to all MGS's musical resources and specialist music staff. Schools including The Willows, Haveley Hey, New Islington Free School and St James' take part.


The aim is to provide an exciting and unusual music activity day for Year 5 and 6 pupils at schools across the region that will give them access to MGS's resources (such as steel pans and pbones) as well as the expertise of our staff.


MGS's Junior School Head of Music set up the outreach day. Sessions take place on a rota over the course of the day, including pbone, steel pans, singing and musical games.


The day takes place at The Manchester Grammar School in a variety of venues across our School.

Pupil Involvement

32 children take part, with eight children draw from each school.


The event takes place as a one-odd, and lasts from 9am-3pm