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Primary Schools Cricket Festival

A cricket festival to get primary school pupils playing cricket and interacting with high level coaches and professional players.


The aim of this inaurgural primary school cricket festival was to further engage with our feeder primary schools, to support their sporting curriculum and to stretch their pupils in working with our senior school staff. Feedback from the accompanying teachers has suggested that they appreciated the access to high level coaching and the new skills their pupils have learnt which may encourage them to join a local club


A Partnership Events Newsletter is sent out at the beginning of each term and schools reply, booking places. This was our inaurgural cricket festival desinged to encourage pupils to try a new sport and to be active strengthening their core PE skills of catching, fielding and co-ordination. It was also hoped that the visiting chidren would benefit from having a field to play on and having trained coaches to encourage them


Critical resources are the availability of Senior School teachers and those who are able to adjust to teaching Years Five and Six pupils. The school facilites that were used for this event was our spectacular Flagge Meadow playing field, previously the second home to Worcestershire County Cricket Club. Visitors arrived at 10.00am and departed at 1.30pm. The financial contribution from RGSW was £200.00 which covered giveaways, participation certificates, lunch and refreshments.


All teachers attending Outreach Events are asked to complete a feed back form either at the end of the event or by returning the form in the post. Replies are then logged and used to inform future similar events.
One response from the attending teacher was “Not only did our pupils learn cricketing skills and how to work as a team they also learnt about having respect for other teams and how to enjoy learning the basics of a game which was unfamiliar to them.”

Pupil Involvement

RGSW pupils do often help out on Outreach events but in this instance there were none involved. The visiting pupils were all in Year Six and a mixture of boys and girls.


Due to its success and benefits to our state school partners this event will now become an annual event in Trinity term, it is hoped that in time it will become a fixed date in our local schools summer term calendar.
We would however, hope to continue the partnership with St Barnabas Primary