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Language and Culture Morning

To introduce primary school pupils to a foreign language and its culture, and to support their language provision.


The visiting children benefited from developing their confidence with a new subject, Spanish, and by the end of the session being able to have a basic conversation with each other and achieving new goals.


MFL language and culture mornings have been included in the Outreach Calendar for a number of years as they allow children to approach a new task all at the same level and achieve visible results in a relatively short period of time giving them confidence to take on new tasks.


MFL events are always subject to the senior school language specialists being available and use of the school’s Langauage Lab in addition to MFL Classroom availability.  Marketing staff operate the event in terms of logistics working with the Langauge specialists who deliver the academic element of the event.  An MFL event usually lasts for 2-3 hours with themed refeshments served half way through.  The financial contribution from the school is £25 approx.


All teachers attending Outreach Events are asked to complete a feed back form either at the end of the event or by returning the form in the post.  Replies are then logged and used to inform future similar events.

“A huge thank you to everyone who made the morning such a fun and memorable event for our pupils. They all thoroughly enjoyed the morning and returned to school enthused and ready to share their experiences with their peers” 

Pupil Involvement

RGSW pupils do often help out on Outreach events but in this instance there were none involved. The visiting twenty pupils were all in Year Six and a mixture of boys and girls


Due to its success and benefits to our state school partners, MFL events are now run each term at least once or sometimes twice, although, it is likely that there will be different schools in attendance we would hope to continue the partnership with this school in other areas however.