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Hockey Skills Workshop

A Hockey Skills Workshop


The aims of our Hockey Skills Workshop was to share our high level coaching and Astro facilities with local state primary schools in an effort to to support their sports curriculum and competitive hockey teams in particular.


The project came about following the success of our Netball Skills Workshop in Michaelmas Term. With schools playing Hockey in Lent term we identified a opportunity to support the state schools with the same hight level coaching and extended facilities. This was the inaugural Hockey Skills Workshop.


The critical resources were two of our Hockey coaches and the availability of our Astro pitch. The Outreach Officer and Academic Admissions Manager were both in attendance to support. The financial contribution from RGSW for the event was £63.00.


All teachers attending an outreach event are asked to complete a Feedback questionnaire
before the end of the event which is used to measure the success of the event and to put in place any improvements for future events.There is a section for general comments and some of those received for this event were

“The confidence gained from being selected to attend this event will have a knock on affect with other sports and opportunities.”

“This event has opened out pupils up to new opportunities”

“Brilliant to be part of a sporting community”

Pupil Involvement

On this occasion we did not use any RGSW students. The thirty visiting pupils were all in Years Five and Six and a mixture of girls and boys.


This was scheduled to be a singular event but due to its success will be repeated in Lent Term and will become an annual fixture for Lent Teams going forward. Although we will continue to work with this school it may well be that they do not attend this particular event again.