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Netball Skills Coaching Clinic

To share sporting facilities and specialisted teaching and to give the teams confidence and skills to use in matches.


The aims of the project was to share best practices and high level coaching experience with Primary School Netball Teams in Years Five and Six.  Teachers attending felt that whilst these pupils immediately benefited their fellow pupils will also benefit as they share their new skills in the playground and in co-curricular clubs.



This is an event that we run annually in the Michaelmas Term and from feedback have learnt that there is an appetite from the primary schools to support their better players with higher level coaching. 


Our Head of Netball and her University Gap Year Student with our A Level PE pupils all work on the event with the schools to give small group focus and attention.  Each event takes place in Tom Savage Hall one of our larger sports halls and lasts from 2.00-3.30pm, the financial contribution would be approx. £50.00


All teachers attending Outreach Events are asked to complete a feed back form either at the end of the event or by returning the form in the post.  Replies are then logged and used to inform future similar events.

Some comments from the feedback forms read as follows:

‘Our pupils gained good catching and throwing ball skills and above all that Netball – Sport – is fun!’ 

‘The activity benefited our children as they learnt a bit more about what our bodies can do and it has given them lots of ideas to practice their netball skills in club/lessons.’


Pupil Involvement

RGSW A Level PE pupils assisted with the event The visiting forty-two pupils were all in Year Six and all girls.


Due to its success and benefits to our state school partners, Netball Skills Coaching workshops are now run each Michaelmas term usually on atwo ocassions, although, it is likely that there will be different schools in attendance we would hope to continue the partnership with these schools in other areas however.