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Creative Writing Morning

The aims of this English Department event are to further engage with our feeder primary schools, to support their English curriculum and to stretch their pupils in working with our senior school staff. Feedback from the accompanying teachers has suggested that the pupils benefit from their visit as it has taught them more developed writing techniques and helped them to be confident using more complex descriptions.


Both schools were sent a direct invitation from the Outreach Officer and asked to reply if they would like to attend.  This was the second such English event as it was felt with English being a STEM subject, primary schools would benefit from specialist senior school teachers and practices.


This English event was launched for our local primary schools to assist their teachers with access to specialist senior school teachers and to gain experience of Senior School practice. The objective of creative writing was specifically focused on as a skill developed more specifically in the senior school context, outside of the core literacy curriculum.  


Critical resources are the availability of Senior School teachers and those who are able to adjust to teaching Years Five and Six pupils. The school facilities that were used for this event were one of the larger Halls for refreshments, the lecture theatre for the close and the Library, Stephen Hall, Rose Garden, Main Hall and Lawns for the promenading part of the workshop. Visitors arrived at 9.30am and departed at 12.30pm.  The financial contribution from RGSW was £23.67 which covered giveaways, participation certificates and refreshments.


All teachers attending Outreach Events are asked to complete a feed back form either at the end of the event or by returning the form in the post.  Replies are then logged and used to inform future similar events.


“It is wonderful for our children to visit RGS Worcester and use dedicated spaces, instead of an ordinary classroom. The children benefit from a different learning environment, which they find exciting and engaging extending their learning and curriculum opportunities. Working with RGS Worcester staff meets some of our own teachers needs in terms of their CPD too.” 

Pupil Involvement

RGSW pupils do often help out on Outreach events but in this instance there were none involved. The visiting fifteen pupils were all in Year Six and a mixture of boys and girls.


Due to its success and benefits to our state school partners this event will now become a annual event in Trinity term, however, it is likely that there will be different schools in attendance.

We would hope to continue the partnership with these two schools in other areas however.