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iPad programming sphero robots

Using RGS iPads pupils learnt how to programme a Sphero Robot to move along a predetermined course laid out on the floor, points were given for accuracy of programming and ‘driving’.


The main aim of this project was to support local primary schools with their IT provision as we had been advised that these First Schools did not have the facilities or the expertise to deliver advanced programming lessons.

Whilst the children attending the session would immediately benefit, their teacher remarked that by giving them more confidence it would make them more able to share their experience with other pupils back in school therefore broadening the benefit.


RGS have recently started the partnership with Wychbold First School and we knew through previous discussions, that they were not in a position to deliver this level of IT so were specificually invited along to this workshop.


For it to run successfully we needed to ensure that a sports hall was available to race the programmed Spheros and that the 28 Spheros were charged and available.

The event was run on the day by a team of RGS Digital Leaders and our Digital Specialist Teacher supported by the Outreach Officer.

The financial contribution from RGS was £145 which covered catering, giveaways, transport and certificates.


Each school attending an Outreach Event is asked to complete a feed back form which is then used to inform future events and how to improve them.

Comments received from Wychbold Teachers were

‘It was great to learn these higher level coding skills which reinforced core skills previous learnt and demonstrated to the pupils that IT is not simply sitting at a computer!’

Pupil Involvement

Our Year five and six digital leaders helped out and the thirty pupils in attendance were from Years three and four and were a mixture of girls and boys.


This was the second such event but due to its success and support to the state school curriculum it will be repeated in the coming academic year and one such session has already been organised for another partner school for 3 May.