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Careers and Higher Education EXPO

Pupils both at RGS and in the surrounding schools are invited to the fair to meet representatives from higher education institutions and employers in the work place. The aim is to give young people more information about possible A-Level and post-school pathways.


The School identified that rather than sending our students out on disruptive days for University tasters, etc. that is would be better to have all the universities and employers in to one place. We were very aware that this would be of a significant benefit to other schools, not in a position to do the same thing, and local companies looking for the best in Worcestershire. As a result we decided to host the event which is very popular and now annual.


The RGS Worcester Head of Careers identified the need 4 years ago. Using her contacts and position she invited the various universities and employers into school and it has gone from strength to strength. It has become an annual event, attracting attendance for several different secondary schools in the area. 


The RGS Head of Careers runs the event, finding contacts, inviting universities and companies, organising the logistics of the evening. Teaching staff are involved in the running and supervision of the event on the day, the School provides some refreshments and prefects to help guide visitors. The School site is used extensively including halls and sports halls. RGS Worcester covers all costs and the event is free to the public.


The event has grown increasing over the last 4 years. It was not initially intended as an annual event but has become one due to demand from employers and visitors alike.

Pupil Involvement

All the School are invited and attend in large numbers. We have many external visitors as well and the School's pupils also assist in the running of the event. 


The Careers and Higher Education EXPO is now an annual event.