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DT Workshop

This event was a DT Workshop where under the guidance and support of our Sixth Form students, in teams pupils from St Clements designed and decorated a skin for a remote control car then raced them around a predetermined racecourse.


The aim of this Workshop was to plan an event for our Upper Sixth Enrichment programme to work with local state primary school pupils in year five and six.


The project came about through discussion with our Upper Sixth Team two of which are studying DT for A Level and had worked previously with the remote control cars.
Knowing that DT has been reduced in many state school curriculums we identified the gap and felt it would support the local school.
Whilst the Sixth Form Enrichment events are annual this was the first DT workshop.


Critical resources were the availability of a Senior School Sport hall which was necessary to race the cars on a non carpeted floor. There were no other school facilities used for this event as refreshments were served in the hall. Visitors arrived at 2.00pm and departed at 3.15pm. The financial contribution from RGSW was £38 which covered, participation certificates and refreshments.


All teachers attending Outreach Events are asked to complete a feed back form either at the end of the event or by returning the form in the post. Replies are then logged and used to inform future similar events.
“Our pupils enjoyed mixing with older students from RGSW and it made them more engaged in the project.”
“Links to real world learning enhances their understanding”
“Our pupils learnt to work as a team to problem solve and work under pressure”

Pupil Involvement

This event was totally run by RGSW Upper Sixth Students supported by the Teacher in charge of the group and the Outreach Officer. The visiting 20 pupils were all in Year Six and a mixture of boys and girls.


There are three Upper Sixth Enrichment events that take place annually in Lent Term and although we will continue the partnership with this school in other areas it is likely that it will be different schools in attendance at the remaining two events.