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West London Partnership

The West London Partnership is an association of secondary schools from both the independent and state sectors in West and South West London.

The overarching aims and aspirations are:

  • To create a genuine partnership built on sustainable, collaborative projects where schools and other institutions work together, sharing resources and expertise, to address educational needs and to enrich learning for everyone.
  • To maintain and co-ordinate the good work already begun while sharing ideas and new initiatives so that we learn from each other and ensure maximum impact, reach and engagement and help to break down barriers, promoting social mobility and social cohesion by being inclusive to all levels and abilities.
  • To collaborate in promoting best practice in education and to engage with a range or partners to enhance education and opportunity eg IntoUniversity, Springboard, local universities, local authorities, MPs, councillors, charities.

To facilitate these the partnership and partner schools will also aim to:

  • Have leadership representatives from both Independent and Maintained schools develop approaches to collaborative teaching and learning
  • Promote events and opportunities equally across the partnership and seek out and negotiate opportunities, including financial, as they arise to further the partnership, its aims and outcome