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Sharing PIE Talks (Putney Ideas Exchange)

Sharing online Putney Ideas Exchange talks, weekly, with our partner schools. Speakers range from academics to leaders in business and entrepreneurs. Talks have an academic focus, as well as opening the eyes of students to different career paths and possibilities.

Students from other schools can either attend 'live' via Microsoft Teams in order to participate in the talks and ask questions, or link to recordings of the talks.


- To share high quality speakers with the partnership for academic enrichment as well as sharing ideas about career progression and careers guidance

- The immediate beneficiaries are our students at Putney High School (Y7-13), alongside pupils from our State and Independent School partners


- The project started in the Autumn term 2020, in response to the continuing need for hybrid teaching in the classroom and the possibility of hosting talks online

- The Deputy Head Co-curricular and Outreach, worked with the Enrichment Co-ordinator to deliver the plan in school, and in collaboration with the West London Partnership


- Putney Ideas Exchange speakers

- School online facilities/resources/platform

- Co-ordinated by the Enrichment Co-ordinator and PIE prefects

- There is no financial cost and we envisage the programme to continue throughout 2020-21 and beyond.



- Student engagement has been positive, via partner school feedback 

Pupil Involvement

- Our pupils (7-13)

- Partner school pupils (Y7-13)


- Weekly talks, commencing November2020

- To be continued throughout 202-21 academic year and beyond